PRVATE LESSONS:                

  Students of Any Age! 

  Why Choose Rachel's Piano & Violin Studio?

              I offer a lot beyond the traditional music lesson! 

   Hands on Theory, Technic and Aural concepts make music concepts come alive! 

   Start playing from the first lesson!  Hear it, play it, read it and  write it using fun books, games and activities!   Beginning improvisation and composition reinforce theory and note reading and writing skills. 

   No plink, plank, plunk sounds on the piano!  I teach how to play using a relaxed technic from the beginning so that they will learn how how to get a great sound out of the instrument from the start.

       You won't believe how good your kids can sound and how much they are learning in a fun way.  

      Floor Staff Games     
       Music Activities      
   Music  Lessons  
Theory Club               

I have a floor staff rug that allows kids to walk on the line or space notes.  We have lots of animals that need to find their homes on the correct lines and spaces! Using concrete objects to learn abstract ideas helps kids learn easily!  We also use alphabet cards to mark landmark notes or make note patterns.  Come and try out all our fun games!

Keyboard games with small manipulatives and songs making learning fun!   We use playdoh, small animals, magnets on the dry erase board game boards, card games and dry erase worksheets. 

I teach year around with time off for the holidays or vacations.  Summer is a great time to start music lessons since kids have more free time to practice! 


Piano & Violin Students

When I have at least 4 students in approx. the same level I begin a monthly workshop that includes a mini recital and fun music & theory activities we can't do individually or don't have time for at private lessons.  Each class is different and we do music history and/or other games and activities that teach and review subjects like theory in a fun way.