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Practice Incentive Programs

I offer Practice Incentive Programs like Let It Snow, Pots of Goals for March and the Treasure chest prizes for students who practice regularly and achieve their goals.

bBeginning Lessons   

Beginning Piano & Violin

The basic beginning level program covers material compatible with the Basic/Beginner/ or Prep  levels in RCM, ABRSM or MTNA.  I teach any age but for kids we use a lot of fun games and activities.

I use material from several series to insure you get a good foundation and exposure to different styles of music.  In this level for kids we use a lot of games, activities, improvisation, composition etc. to teach theory, ear training, note reading and more in addition to the actual time spent learning the material in the lesson books.  Many students take 45 minute to 1 hour lessons so that we have time for games and activities.  I have multiple games, a floor staff, dry erase boards, manipulatives, stamps, reusuable stickers, fish pond and much more!  Come and see how much fun learning music can be!


  Intermediate-Advanced Level   

In addition to learning and playing more advanced levels of music in these levels and we are able to really focus on the fascinating aspects of how theory and harmony and music history relates to music we are learning. 

  Music Workshops & Theory Club  

 When I have at least 4 students in the same level I do either a monthly Music Workshop or Theory Club depending on the age and level of the students.  These include a mini recital in which they play one of their lesson pieces they've learned this month and one  of their compositions.  The remaining time is spent in music related activities, games etc to teach music history, theory and more!  The things we do at the Music Workshop and/or Theory Club are not done at private lessons so don't miss these fun activities!  Check my monthly schedule on FB to see what we are doing this month!