Lessons for All Ages

Lessons are fun!   I have a goal of inspiring the student to love the music they are learning, to want to practice and learn more.  When my students love music, love to play, love to practice and they come to lessons excited about what fun new things we can learn and do I have succeeded.

    I teach 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour lessons.  I prefer at least 45 minutes for most students to allow time for us to cover the music they practiced, learn new music and do some music games and improvisation.

   Each lesson includes healthy holisitic playing technics to make you sound great and help avoid injuries.  We cover theory, harmony, analysis practice technics and how to effectively practice music at every lesson in fun innovative ways.  Learn how to use theory, harmony & analysis to understand and play music and to create your own songs.  We learn how to work smarter, not harder and have fun doing it!


I teach classical piano but I do include music from different music styles and time periods.   Classical music will be the focus of the lesson.  I don't teach primarily jazz, rock or other pop styles although students do learn the basics of these music styles.  Lessons include technic, theory, harmony and analysis from the start as it relates to music so the student has a thorough understanding of what they are playing.  I use an integrated approach that combines the theory, harmony & analysis with improvisation and composition at each lesson so that the student actually uses and reviews everything thing they have learned all week.   Too young to write?  We use mapping, stickers etc. until they can write notes.


I teach classical violin lessons.  I offer 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons.  While we can do games and activities to help learn theory, music history etc. we don't have the wide range of options for activities that beginning piano students have. Since the piano has all the keys already there we have a lot more room for improvisation and games.  Beginning violin students have to focus on having every note in tune, holding the instrument and later the bow etc.  Beginning violin lessons are more traditional than piano lessons are but we do include the theory games.  


Computer Games & Music:

Rhythm Menangerie,  Rhythm Cups and Supersonics are our favorite computer based activities!


              Is Your Child Ready to Start Music Lessons?

1. Do they know the difference between right and left hand?

2. Do they know the alphabet, specifically A-B-C-D-E-F-G?

3. Can they count to 5? 

4. Can they focus and pay attention for at least 5 minutes?  For young children we move from one activity to another to fill the 30 minutes.

5. Can they follow basic instructions?

6. Have they expressed an interest in taking lessons?

7. Can they read?  It isn't required but it makes things easier.

8.  How are their fine motor skills?  Can they hold a pencil or use a scissors?