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I'd love to help you reach your goals for playing music!  Whether it's a child wanting to learn music or a senior who has always wanted to play, we can custom  tailor a program just for you.

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I work with your child's learning style to maximize their progress.  I also try to use methods and activities that integrate visual, audio and kinesthetic learning.

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Contact me today and let's get started on helping you acheive your goals!

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Rachel Wilke
Founder’s Notes 


I started playing piano before I started school.  My parents got me a toy piano and said if I practiced they would buy me a piano.  By the time I pestered Mom enough that I learned to read music and could play the first book they decided I was serious and bought me a piano when I started kindergarten.  I started taking private lessons at that time.

 I started violin in a school program in 5th grade and later  began taking private lessons.      When I was still  in high school I decided I wanted to teach so I student taught under another teacher  and when she thought I was ready I opened my own music studio in 1990.  

 I continued to study piano, violin and pedagogy under several different instructors and professors.  I've taught off and on since then as I've taken a few years off due to a serious back injury but I am thrilled to be back to teaching again!

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